Future proof your health and wellbeing through a simple non-invasive testing process.

Personalisation has always been the starting point of every retreat at Zulal Wellness Resort and now with the help of genomic testing, you can obtain information about any predispositions to certain health-related traits so that you can adopt long-term, healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.


• Take more control and responsibility of your own health
• Mitigate risk factors associated with a predisposition to disease
• Empowering you to positive lifestyle transformation
• Enhance your physical performance
• Fully understanding your health risks
• Find the best wellness retreat for you as a unique individual
• Gain valuable insight into your health & lifestyle traits

Genomic testing can identify ways to help you live better, whether you are looking to optimise physical performance, manage existing symptoms of illness, or mitigate risk factors associated with a predisposition to particular health conditions or diseases

Genomic testing does not diagnose disease, it indicates susceptibility and does not replace the advice of your physician


Further strengthening our ongoing commitment to sustainable health, Zulal Wellness Resort now offers genomic testing designed to more personalised and effective future-proof your health and wellbeing of all our guests.