Zulal Wellness Resort taps into the science of DNA testing for a truly personalised approach to wellbeing.

Every wellness retreat at the resort is already carefully planned to address your health and wellness goals, and now with the addition of genomic testing you can obtain information about predispositions to certain health-related traits so that you can implement long-term sustainable lifestyle changes.

Genomic testing emerged into the spotlight when Hollywood actor, Angelina Jolie told the public that she’d tested positive for BRCA1 – a gene associated with a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancers. However, the systematic application of genomic technologies is no longer reserved for A-listers. Guests seeking a sustainable approach to healthy living and optimal physical performance or address existing symptoms of illness can now opt for genomic wellness before or during their stay at Zulal Wellness Resort.


Genomic tests analyse DNA to identify how individuals respond to different lifestyle factors such as body and weight, diet, eating behaviour, nutrition, metabolism, exercise and even stress. This information can help to identify ways to live better, whether you are looking to optimise physical performance, mitigate risk factors associated with a predisposition to particular health conditions or diseases, or manage existing symptoms of illness.

Personalisation has always been the starting point for every wellness programme at Zulal Wellness Resort and with the help of genomic testing, retreats and consultations can be even more precisely tailored to guests’ needs by taking these factors into account.

The testing process is simple, stress-free, fast and non-invasive. Samples are obtained and sent to a specialist laboratory for analysis. Results are interpreted and conveyed to you by one of our specialised genomic and health counselling experts.

Genomics testing empowers individuals to take more control and responsibility of their own health, and at Zulal Wellness Resort your health entourage will assist you in fully understanding your health risk assessment, which can be used for prevention of certain chronic conditions and choosing healthy lifestyle choices.


Your genomic report is based on lifestyle and wellness traits. It provides information about your predisposition to certain health-related traits, for example obesity or pre diabetic condition, and the factors that will help mitigate these risks in order for you to be able to choose healthier lifestyle habits.

Based on the report findings, you can optimize your nutrition and lifestyle, improve athletic performance, weight management, or simply to feel more energized and focused.

The information in the report indicates the ideal proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for your diet; recommends the most suitable type of exercise for you; gives insights into how well your metabolism is working and the best approach to losing weight (if needed); or sleep recommendations.


  • Body and weight

  • Response to nutrition (diet and eating behaviour)

  • Food reaction

  • Exercise

  • Metabolic health factors and diabetes


  • Genomic testing does not diagnose disease, it merely indicates susceptibility. It is only meant for complementary use and does not replace the advice of your physician.

  • Genomic testing provides a download of your genetic code by analysing for example a saliva sample.

  • It looks at the ways in which your genes interact and how those interactions can affect your health.

  • The results of genomic tests are based on research and in some cases can require confirmatory tests in a clinically validated facility.

  • Genomic testing can offer long-term possibilities of providing new approaches to the prevention and management of many chronic diseases.

  • By finding out about your predispositions, or being able to rule them out, testing can provide peace of mind and also help you proactively manage your health to mitigate the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Guests who wish to know more about genomic testing prior to their arrival can contact us at for a pre consultation to learn more.