Where is Zulal located?

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is located on the northern tip of Qatar, close to Al Ruwais just a 1 hour drive north of Doha.

How far is Zulal Wellness Resort from Hamad International Airport?

Zulal is just a 1.5 -hour drive from the Hamad International Airport.

How far is Zulal Wellness Resort from the City Centre?

Zulal is just a 1- hour drive from the city centre.

How many retreats are offered at Zulal Wellness Resort?

Zulal Wellness Resort offers a diverse range of retreats to cater to various aspects of well-being. These include relaxation, stress detoxification, fitness, physiotherapy rehabilitation, and mental well-being. The number of retreats offered may vary, ensuring there’s a retreat programme suitable for your unique needs and goals.

What if I am not sure which retreat is best for me?

If you’re unsure about which retreat suits you best, our expert advisors are here to assist you. During a consultation, they will work closely with you to understand your health goals, preferences, and objectives, guiding you to choose the most suitable retreat for your individual needs.

Can I choose multiple retreats?

Depending on your objectives and goals, you may have the option to choose multiple retreats. Our advisors will provide guidance during your consultation to help you make an informed decision about combining retreat programmes if it aligns with your wellness journey.

My main goal is to relax, will I have enough time in between treatments and therapies if I book a retreat programme?

Our treatment schedules are thoughtfully designed to strike a balance between therapeutic sessions and relaxation time. You’ll have ample opportunities to unwind and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our treatments. Additionally, we host wellness talks for all resort guests, offering insights into current wellness trends.

What holistic wellness therapies are offered?

Zulal Wellness Resort offers a comprehensive array of holistic wellness therapies, including yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Ayurveda, hydrotherapy, Shirobhynga, abhynga, Hijama (dry, wet, and fire), Watsu, and many other traditional and contemporary practices. These therapies are designed to address various aspects of your well-being.

Do you have machines to support slimming and toning?

Our wellness services include advanced technologies like LPG and Udwatharam, in addition to other treatments that incorporate natural and holistic approaches. The availability of specific treatments may depend on individual medical conditions and contraindications.

What medical treatments are available?

Zulal Wellness Resort provides a wide range of medical treatments, including medical consultations, nutritional consultations, stress management, colonic hydrotherapy, IV multivitamin therapy (subject to medical consultation), and more. These treatments are tailored to your wellness needs and goals.

How can I prepare for my wellness retreat?

Preparing for your wellness retreat involves understanding the retreat’s schedule, the objectives of your stay, and packing appropriately for fitness and aqua treatments. Mentally preparing for a holistic wellness experience is also important, as it will enhance the overall benefits of your retreat.

What activities do you offer?

We offer a diverse array of activities, from outdoor adventures to wellness workshops and lectures. You can expect a daily activities calendar to be shared with guests, including scheduled group classes such as yoga, Pilates, meditation, and fitness classes.

I want to kickstart my fitness regime in a more informed way, how can you support this?

Zulal Wellness Resort provides personalised fitness assessments and training programmes. Our certified fitness trainers, in collaboration with nutritionists, will tailor a training regimen based on your diet plan, ensuring a well-informed and effective start to your fitness journey.

I have an old injury, can I still follow a fitness plan or join a fitness class?

Absolutely! We have licensed physiotherapists available who will conduct a thorough physio assessment. Based on their evaluation, they will work closely with our fitness team to create a training plan that accommodates your injury and incorporates necessary physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises. Your safety and well-being are our priorities.

How old must I be to stay in Zulal Serenity?

The calm and private spaces throughout Zulal Serenity have been dedicated for guests over 16 years.

What is Zulal Serenity Wellness?

Zulal Serenity offers you quiet time to look after yourself while being guided on a path to positive and lasting lifestyle change. We invite you to experience the six Zulal wellness pillars: Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Holistic Health, Fitness, Spa, and Aesthetics via our retreat programmes, treatments, and activities – all designed to give you a refined, sensory, and luxurious experience far removed from your every day.

Does the resort have limousine service or transfer service?

For your convenience, we offer a wide range of luxurious airport transfers. We request for a prior reservation and complete flight details at least 48 hrs in advance. Please note you will be charged in full for the airport transfers at the time of reservation.

What services do you provide?

What is the difference between Serenity and Discovery?


Zulal Wellness Resort- Zulal Serenity offers you quiet time to look after yourself while being guided on a path to positive and lasting lifestyle change. We invite you to experience the six Zulal wellness pillars: Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Holistic Health, Fitness, Spa, and Aesthetics via our retreat programmes, treatments, and activities – all designed to give you a refined, sensory, and luxurious experience far removed from your every day.

Wellness at Zulal Discovery- Wellness at Zulal Discovery, is centered around wellness for the whole family, teaching children the value of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with age-appropriate activities. While younger children are encouraged to explore, with nature-based outings, arts and crafts, older children can spend their time being active, with kayaking, dancing, and personal training. Retreats are divided by age groups, with four programs for the children, and separate ones for parents and grandparents.


Do you offer Day Use/Pass services?

At Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the privacy of our guests is held to the utmost importance. Therefore, to respect the privacy of our inhouse guests, day passes, or day use services are not available. Unless a guest has an existing follow up reservation with our physiotherapy department. However, outside guests are allowed to have make reservations to dine only as well.

Do you have any suite with two bedrooms?

Zulal Serenity: Shinan Suite – This two-bedroom suite invites you to take care of yourself in privacy and luxury. With your private sauna, swimming pool, gardens, and living spaces, it offers you a full sensory retreat into stillness.

Zulal DiscoveryWe have our Family rooms which is a connection between two rooms with interconnecting doors.

Do you have any villas?

Zulal Wellness Resort has a wide -spread of 180 rooms and suites in the resort.

I’d like to know about your packages?


Dress code (while in the resort and during dining time)

Guests are encouraged to dress as comfortably as possible when inside the resort, however, being mindful of other guests and not dressing in clothes that are too revealing, unless they are near the pool or lagoon, and when dining in the restaurants, guests are encouraged to dress more conservatively, with respect to the outlet dress code.

Can we swim in the ocean (Beach access)

Zulal Wellness Resort does not have a beach.

What cuisine is served in the restaurants?

At Zulal Wellness Resort, we are dedicated to helping guests achieve their state of total well-being through the power of nutrition. We believe that a well-balanced diet is the key to unlocking the full potential of a healthier, happier life.

Guiding guests on a path to health and vitality through a blend of nutritional science and culinary artistry, Zulal Wellness Resort offers nutrient-rich meals that are not only flavourful but also designed to enhance happiness, vitality, and longevity.

The five dining outlets at Zulal Wellness Resort – Aizoon, Al Sidra, Acacia, Casuarina, and Malbu – are all unique. Their menus feature purposeful ingredients which are anti-inflammatory, high in fibre, low in fat; contain antioxidants; promote heart health; support digestion; offer a source of high energy; and enhance satiety.

With a focus on sustainability, portion sizes are half the size of a normal restaurant, yet guests are satiated with the nutrient-dense flavourful food. Every ingredient is fresh, there are no tinned or packaged products, everything is cooked from scratch.


Al-Sidr restaurant offers a culinary ride through global cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, always mindful of the Zulal philosophy for a balanced diet based on fresh produce. It also caters to guests on programmes where portion size or gut repair is the focus.



Aizoon offers a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including signature Arabic and international dishes, with hot and cold options. Our children’s menu appeals to their taste buds and boosts their energy and we also cater to guests on dietary programmes.



At our modern beach club, enjoy a fresh fruit mocktail and Mediterannean menu. You can watch our chef prepare the catch-of-the-day at the open-air grilling station and build your own salad from the bar, all while enjoying views of the Arabian Gulf.



Our lagoon-side café is your daytime choice for a snack, later breakfast, or a dairy and gluten-free pastry or ice cream, with natural homemade sugar, for something sweet! We also serve smoothies, fresh juice, coffee, and bespoke-blend herbal teas.


Synonym with refinement and sophistication, Acacia is a fine dining destination, reinterpreting international and Arabian cuisine, while being deeply rooted in Qatari culinary heritage. Centered around healthy eating, with a special focus on local flavors, Acacia embodies only the finest ingredients.

Rooms & Suites at Zulal Serenity.

Serenity’s 60 rooms and suites offer a serene and elegant backdrop for quiet and meaningful contemplation. Their cool colour palette, clean lines, and calming views of sand, sea, and lagoon beautifully support your time of connection with yourself and retreat from the world.

Rooms & Suite at Zulal Discovery

Our wide choice of rooms and suites is purposefully designed for families, where and its interior style blends with traditional Qatari village motifs, showcasing clean lines, and natural textures. The 120 rooms are mapped out between the desert, sea, and the resort’s lagoon, with views of nature from every window.

What are the rates?

For the rates please contact our reservations team on T: +974 4477 6500 | F: +974 4477 6566

Email: reservations@zulal.com

How can I book my stay? 

Please contact Email: reservations@zulal.com or T: +974 4477 6500

What are the current offers available? 

Please visit our website on https://www.zulal.com/exclusive-offers/

How do your rooms look like?

Please visit our website on https://www.zulal.com/zulal-serenity-rooms-suites/ and https://www.zulal.com/zulal-discovery-rooms-suites/

Are there any available vacancies?

Please visit our website on https://www.zulal.com/work-with-us/ and it will redirect you to our Linked in page called Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som

What kid’s activities do you have?

Discovery Oasis

Discovery Oasis is born from the belief that the happiness of our communities, ourselves and of our future is determined by the health of our family environment. It is dedicated, in concept and design, to the holistic development of young people and the importance of family connection.


The hedgehog is a small, happy, adaptive creature, so this nursery teaches our youngest guests to enjoy new skills and new environments, with a dedicated rest area, spaces, and play stations where they explore at their own pace.


With the intelligent and charming fox as the theme, this activity space builds cognitive development and smart thinking through both physical and brain training activities. There is an emphasis on storytelling and being creative with arts and crafts.


This space represents the big-picture vision of a falcon that flies high above the desert and sees far into the distance. Activities inspire parents and children in the benefits of being together to learn, have fun and develop positive lasting habits that reinvigorate their connection and growth as a family unit.


The desert oryx symbolises strength and endurance. This space focuses on playful exercise, such as dancing and the role of nutrition, learning about herbs and local cooking customs, for our overall mental and physical fitness.

Do you have water sports/Activities?

  • Kayaking

  • Private Swimming Lessons

  • Stand Up Paddle

  • Marine Eco Trail

  • Island Walk

  • Sand Sculpting

  • Practice Your Swing and Save the Fish

These are a few of the activities that are provided in the resort.