For this age group we offer more structured activities such as learning to play badminton, making movies or granola bars, drumming and ceramics. We introduce sustainability concepts with such activities as an upcycling workshop and gardening.

Local Dance, Dance, Dance!

Dance and have fun, the activity builds children’s knowledge of the culture. Encourage them to choreograph a small. Children’s physical and mental health will be supported as they are active.

DJ Fox Workshop

A fun way to expose the children to different means of expression, they learn how to be a DJ. This will support the children’s expressive languages as they learn how to communicate through art.

Henna Patterns

Get creative with henna, children make their own henna paste. They will learn the meaning of henna. Make them more aware of the environment and involved in local practices.

World Dances

We dance to express emotion and celebrate, the activity teaches children about dances and encourages them to choreograph a small routine.

Discover Arabic

Learning new languages, the activity teaches children Arabic phrases. This will assist in the development of their speech and language skills.

Movie Making

Lights, camera, action! Movie making allows children to open. They will improve their social and emotional skills as they cooperate and communicate with others.

Goblet Arabic Drumming

Music is as important as it is anywhere as a means of expression and therapy. The activity helps children understand Arabic goblet drumming in the local culture.

Acoustic lesson

Sounds are all around us, here we explore the concept of music, this will develop children’s understanding of how they can use music as a means of therapy.

Photography Course

A photo speaks volumes children are taught how to capture images in different ways. The activity will develop their understanding on how they are used and the possible effect that it may have.

Football Skills

Let us get active, the activity enhances football and communication skills, the children will develop social and emotional skills too.

Story Writing Session

Let your imagination set the pace, the activity demonstrates to children a different approach to expressing themselves. It allows them to explore possible interests, and curiosities.

STEM Science

Inquisitive minds, the activity is about igniting children’s curiosities and interests through science. This will give them a taster on how different items react.

Theatre Group

Lights, Camera! The children learn how to make a written script and direct it into a “movie” type. The aim of this activity is to give them an idea of unlimited uses for art and expression.

Eco Solar System

An innovative way to give children a better understanding of each part of the solar system. They will be more alert and aware of the bigger environment.

Relaxing Nebula Jars

A fun learning experience, children get to know what a “nebula” is. Make their own mini relaxing nebula jars. This will spark interests and curiosity.

Ceramic Painting Class

An exciting therapeutic activity, ceramic painting is a method of therapy, stress relief, and encouraging creativity. Children will gain an opportunity to express themselves through ceramic painting.

Sketch Expression

An expressive activity about sketching a form of art. It helps open and explore children’s interests as well as develop their imagination and creative skills.

Clay Oryx Sculpting

Experience clay sculpting, children will learn how they can use different items to express themselves through art.

Express yourself Canvas Art

This is expressive art through the canvas, it helps ignite and unlock children’s creative skills.

Grain Therapy

This is a sensory-based activity that develops and improves children’s skills as they learn about different materials and textures of grains.

Hedgehog Embroidery

A fun craft, here the children will stitch the embroidery patch onto a material. They will learn the benefits of embroidery (improves brain function, develops creativity).

Family Tree

Get to know your family, an interesting activity that will give children to learn more about themselves, their family, and ancestors. They will gain an insight into how they are all connected.

Detox Mocktail Party

A great alternative way to teach children how they can access much healthier options in regards to mocktails and what the ingredients are used, how do they benefit us.

Cleansing Spa session

Selfcare is important the activity encourages and demonstrates how the children can practice self-care to improve their overall wellbeing.

Chef Vegan Workshop

A uniquely designed nutritional activity that deepens children’s knowledge about nutrition, being vegan and becoming more relevant to their daily lives.


It is always fun being in the water, swimming gives the children a sense of freedom whilst using the entire body to move through the water.

Homemade Bath Bombs

A fun experiment, the children will create their own bath bomb, by following instructions, working independently, and enhancing details.

Discover Yoga

Known to be a challenging but also relaxing experience. Children will be reaping the benefits of yoga.

Mindful Meditation

A family experience that shares the techniques and benefits of meditation such as focus, relaxation, and improves their overall wellbeing.

Healthy Granola Bars

We step into the kitchen, children will follow instructions and create the delicious recipe of homemade granola bars. The activity promotes the use of cognitive skills.

Restorative Pilates

A subtle and enjoyable way to keep the children fit both mentally and physically. The activity expands on the mindset of exercise and gives an insight of how to carry out Pilates.

Detox Face Masks

A DIY activity that promotes self-care and shows the children how to make their own face masks.

Health & Nutrition Workshop

A reflective activity on the Importance of nutrition for our bodies to assist, support and develop the children’s overall health.

Team Oryx & Falcon Champions

An interesting activity that encourages positive behavioral skills and shares ideas on the importance of teamwork.

Disco Bingo

A healthy competitive game that focuses on children’s reaction, response, and alertness skills as they get involved in a game of disco bingo.

Silent Disco

A key way to get the children to learn about self-expression as they dance to their favourite songs. This contributes to their social and emotional skills with other children.

Fill the bucket up

A unique way to create healthy challenges whilst focusing on developing the children’s motor and cognitive skills is by attempting to place the balls into the buckets.

Circuit Training

This is a creative and fun way to keep the children physically active, by working through the circuits.

Discover Badminton

A great way to keep physically active is through Badminton.

Alternative Soccer

A fun sporting activity that benefits the children’s overall well-being, it will develop the children’s knowledge on how they can combine being physically active with fun.

Quiz Night

A game that encourages children’s social and emotional development as they communicate and cooperate with others by reflecting on the quiz.


A great interactive experience, a discussion amongst the children about stars, planets, and space. Opportunity to learn about what exists beyond earth.

Natural Scavenger Hunt

An exploring experience that gives the children the opportunity to absorb and gain a wider understanding of the surroundings and observe things that they usually may not notice.

Overnight Stars Campfire

A Campfire adventure, we will listen to all the sounds from nature and take in the fresh airt this will help boost the children’s mood.

Mini Plants

A fun gardening experience exposing children to nature, the benefits of plants, and how they can bring back into their home life.

Organic Gardening

The activity equips the children with skills and techniques of how to take care of greenery in a calm gardening environment.

Exploring the environment

An interesting activity that allows children to explore, observe, and learn the beauty of nature and get a better idea about the environment.

Mangrove Planting

A Creative educational activity, that teaches children how to plant, grow and take care of the mangroves.

Sand Sculpting

A fun experience that enhances the children’s knowledge about the environment whilst encouraging them to reflect on their sculptures.