Small children love to explore their physicality either in the water, with games, playing tag or dancing. Outside we introduce them to the nearby mangrove and the stars in the sky. Indoor activities include making cupcakes, finger painting and discovering the sounds of the animals.

Guess the tune

A fun musical experience that improves listening skills and express their thoughts and feelings into art whilst developing confidence.

Animal sounds

A creative way to facilitate the development of problem solving, self-esteem and senses.

Natural symphony

A fun musical activity to develops listening skills and express their thoughts and feelings into art whilst developing fine motor skills and confidence.

Alphabet hunt

A fantastic way to learn while enjoying their time.

Upcycled binoculars

Educates the importance of upcycling materials and how it benefits the natural world around them.

Relax in your pyjamas

A fun time for children while making friends and understanding the people around them.

Healthy Mocktails

An educational activity that promote awareness of healthy eating and drinking habits that will allow them to be more focused.

Dahouri skills

A fun activity that is part of Qatari culture, will help children developing fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

Tree hugging hunt

An emotional activity Improves brain-based skills which are needed in acquisition of knowledge and team building.

Sand box discover

A fun experience that will Improves construction skills, imagination, and social interaction skills amidst sharing and playing.

Nature bingo

A chance to develop their relationship with nature and have a better understanding of the world around them while developing their cognitive skills.

Zulal practice & talent show

A great experience that allows children to be expressive of thoughts and feelings.

Henna creations

Enables kids to stay focused, imaginative, expressive and on task for a sustained period while learning different cultures.

Story Rocks

The activity brings children together while learning English and expressing themselves.

Water balloon pinata

An exciting activity that develops flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

Project humpty & the drop

A great opportunity for children to boosts self-esteem and learn how to solve problem.

Discover world flags

A chance to encourage children to gain knowledge of the world and the importance of equality.

Local dress up

An opportunity to learn about other cultures around the world that will help them to develop their interaction and communication skills.

Happy Medals

An opportunity to allow children to learn the value of patience and reward and focusing on the goal.

Jewel Beetles

A fun and creative activity for children on the wildlife that allow them to develop their fine motor skills through art.

Cardboard Trophies

To encourage children and allow to be involved in upcycling materials and preserving their environment as well as developing their fine motor and creativity skills.

Tissue paper flowers

A creative fun activity that brings children together by increasing their creativity in art and love for nature.

Sky painting

The activity aspires to enhances children’s creativity while increasing appreciation about the wonderful world we are living in and embracing the nature as it is.

Feathered Falcon

To educate children on the wildlife around them and allow them to develop their fine motor skills through art.

Discover Dreamcatchers

A chance for children to be imaginative and creative whilst developing their fine motor skills.

Word peace wreath

A creative activity that allows children to develop their understanding of the world and proprioceptive sense.

Oryx painting

A fun and creative activity for children on the wildlife that allow them to develop their fine motor skills through art.

Love Hedgehog

To educate children on the wildlife around them and allow them to develop their fine motor skills through art.

Fruit Cupcake MasterChef

A creative nutritional activity that brings family together, enhancing knowledge about cooking measurement and following recipes.

Paper Falcon

Educational experience for children on the wildlife around them that will allow them to develop their fine motor skills through origami and art.

Rainbows & Suns

Encourage children to express themselves through art and imagination and develop their fine motor skills.

Clay Arabic pots

A great opportunity to enable children to learn a new skill which will support motor functions and creativity.

Stress Ball

Encourage children to be more creative and enhance their creativity skills while making balls. They can express their feelings in the ball’s design.

Flicker Away

The activity helps children to increase their creativity, design, and gain interest about art and paint.

Heart garland

An opportunity for children to be innovative and more creative.

Embroidery Foxes

A creative activity that helps children to focus and improve their Self-confidence by using different pieces of paper and the ability to go over several stitches.

Colourful Brain

The activity engages children to work together and increase their knowledge about the human brain.

Handprint flowers

The activity increases children’s creativity using their handprint and creating new art.

Sensory bottle

A great experience for language development, cognitive growth, and fine & gross motor skills.

Self portrait

Selflove activity helps children to develop their proprioceptive sense.

Fingerprint Foxes

The activity increases children’s creativity, awareness about their fingerprints.

Life size me

The activity helps children to get to know their body shape by increasing awareness about themselves.

Mental Health puppets & show

The activity brings awareness about their creativity and in this way expressing Their feelings and thoughts.

Smiley faces

The activity provides children with a safe environment to express their true thoughts and feelings as well supporting their social interaction skills.

You are my sunshine

The activity helps to increase awareness about our environment and encourage appreciation about this wonderful world.

Handmade photo frames

A creative activity that will encourage appreciation for our planet.

Discover the human body

A fun learning activity that will teach the children different body parts and organs.

Thumbprint Biscuits

A creative nutritional activity will increase children’s cooking skills, learning how to follow recipes focusing on different instruction and steps that will bring the final goal.

Sand Families

Family activity that increases creativity and good learning method for designing.

Family shields

Brings creativity in their thoughts with regards to their own family units.

Hopes and dreams

The activity provides a safe place for children to express their thoughts and feeling and develop self-esteem and confidence.

DNA Thumbnails

A great opportunity to gain knowledge that will allows them to develop self-esteem and self-sense.

Mindful Moments

The activity helps children to think about the world we are living in, increasing awareness about the future and see what they would like to become in the future.

My Holiday

A fun activity that helps children to increase their creativity through drawing, writing and expressing about the journey and experiences throughout their holiday.

Shadow sand tracing

The activity encourages children to design and improve their creativity using what is available in the environment from natural items.

Meditating Yoga

A relaxing activity that give children’s opportunity to start learning about what yoga stretch can do for different body parts, improves flexibility and enhance their mood.

Animal sand yoga

Grounding activity that Bring calmness by meditation while learning about different type of animal movements.

Discover Gardening

A learning activity helps children to get in touch with nature, and increase their knowledge about different plants.

Alphabet Stretching

A dynamic activity that will improve children’s body and movements while relaxing and enjoying the nature.

Beach Explorers

A relaxing activity that encourages children to explore and seek different animals in the environment and describe what they saw by drawing it.

Picnic Stroll

An adventure that will give children a chance to make friends while eating healthy food and having fun.

Holiday drawing

An expressive activity that will give children the opportunity to describe their holidays experiences and feelings through art.

Sponge pass

A fun activity that will enhances children teamwork, awareness of direction, focus, sharing social skills, while enjoying their time.

Sensory Boxes

A fantastic activity that provides hands on learning for children to improve their awareness by using their Senses such as touch, smell and describe what they feel.

Wet, Wet, Wet

The activity encourages children to get to know each other and have fun together.

Therapeutic Art

A great opportunity to enhance their art creativity and manual skills.

Swimming Fun

Sport & fun activity that will help children to improve fitness, flexibility, and strength, this will help children to work as a team and gain self-confidence being in the water.

Scribble Doodles

A nice experience to support expression of thoughts and feelings and allow imagination and creativity to develop.

Calming Fans

A creative activity that will increase children’s interest in art by developing new ideas without fear and that will help to give them a good self-esteem.

Beach Olympics

A challenge through physical activity will help children to gain self-confidence Team spirit, friendship, and motor skills

Dodgeball Fun

The activity will improve children’s focus, motor skills, decision making and fitness levels.

Circuit Workout

A fitness activity that will help children to build up strength, agility, flexibility, speed, coordination and increasing fitness with different moves.

Disco Workout

A fun activity that will help children to develop confidence, new movements, focus, coordination and physical activity.

Ultimate Frisbee

A great opportunity that will bring the children together to work as a team and it will help to increase focus, agility, and physical activity.

Team Rounders

Entertaining activity that develop team spirit by playing in a team and sharing ideas.

Capture the Flag

The activity will bring children’s friendship, developing teamwork, good communication while improving focus and body movements, agility, and coordination.

Active Bingo

A fun activity that will encourage children to move freely and improve their physical ability by focusing on reaction and agility as they complete the bingo card.

Team Championships

A fun activity that will help the children to learn how to work as a team.

Mangroves Adventure

Exciting grounding activity that will increase children’s knowledge about mangroves and and allow them to connect with the mother nature.

Falconry adventure

A fun cultural activity that will teach the children all the facts about falcons’ birds.

Eco Chimes

A creative activity that gives the children’s opportunity to explore their imagination and learn about different materials.

Mini Gardens

This is a great opportunity for children to get creative, and gain knowledge about different plants that they can encounter in the resort.


The activity will bring children and nature together, making awareness about our environment and how we can preserve it through creativity.

Recycled Instruments

Musical activity that will bring for the children’s balance between the mind and body, by learning more about instruments.

Gaze at the stars

The activity brings out the best of children and help them focus and expand the knowledge and realise that the world in front of us is a wonderful place.

Nature Walk

An adventure that connect children with nature, by walking on the beach and collecting natural items.

Potions of the Environment

A unique experience that encourage the children to work together as a team.

Upcycling workshop

An opportunity to teach children communication skills that will help them to build their self-confidence and encourage them to express themselves.

Eco Houses

Educate children about nature and show them what nature can offer them and help them express themselves.

Treasure Hunt

An adventure for children to urge their enthusiasms and increase their capacity of finding solutions and searching through clues that helps to gain self-belief to find the treasure.

Bird Feeders

children will enjoy learning about different bird species, while feeding them they can learn more about the bird’s food types, this activity will increase their appreciation for nature.

Discovery Hunt

An exciting activity that helps children to understand more about the environment & also give them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about wildlife.

Leafy Animals

An innovative activity that will get children to use natural resources and encourage them to become more creative.

Solar Oven Smores

An interesting experience for children to enhance and develop their creativity and cooking skills, while learning about solar system and how to use it for cooking.

Nature Bracelets

A fun activity that gives children the chance to be involved with nature and an opportunity to explore and increase their creativity.

Twig Weaving

An expressive activity helps to build fine motor skills and eye & hand coordination.

Fruit Kebabs

A great experience for children to learn about the different healthy eating habits.

Healthy Circles

A creative nutritional activity that will increase children’s development senses by differentiating diverse textures whilst improving their motor skills.