ORYX WORKSHOP – 13-17 Years

We encourage teens to expand their horizons with cookery, crafts and meditation and we nurture their desire to achieve fitness, endurance and cognitive exploration through physical activities including kayaking, slacklining, orienteering and fun sessions in disco and dance.

Pool Games

Joyful games in the water help develop communication and team sportsmanship.

Aqua Aerobics

An active and fun dynamic movement in the water creates peers’ engagement in an enjoyable environment

Ultimate Frisbee

This lively and dynamic team frisbee game helps develop guests’ agility and flexibility.

Pool Volleyball

An engaging aqua, energetic team game that helps promote good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Splash Dance

This fun aqua dance enhances guests’ confidence through routines and various moves.

Water Polo

This is an aqua twist of classic basketball fun game, promotes excellent teamwork and encourages an athletic regime.

Stand Up Paddleboards SUP

This invigorating water-based activity facilitates guests to strengthen and tone their muscles whilst practicing the art of balance.

Water Frisbee

A fun-packed team game of water frisbee enhances, physical, mental, and overall wellbeing.

Aqua Zumba

The active water-based activity enhances creativity and encouraging healthy movement.

Juicing & Smoothies Bar

Make the Juice & Smoothies Bar this will enhance creativity and innovation.

Mango Lassis

Have fun making a sweet creamy drink, Mango Lassi originated from India allow guests to explore a new culture and create their own one.


Enjoy making Spanish soup, a delicious and refreshing soup for summer, from minimal ingredients together.

Stencils & Printing

Through the exploration of different mediums, stencils, and printing, to express art that helps ignite teenagers’ imagination.

Flying Machines

Create the flying object, develop cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.

Learn the Darbuka

Learn to play the traditional instrument, Darbuka, which has been around for thousands of years.

Boat Building

The boat building imparts the creativity of design and process of building with enjoyment and a form of competition.

Stop Animation Workshop

This activity is to create a short film from scratch to help developing the various skills and teamwork process.

Felt Making

The woolen felt, is the oldest known textile making it helps develop imagination and calmness in the mind.

Paper Making & Origami

The handmade paper and origami making imparts the teenager to develop their creativity and calmness in their mind.

Sand Sculptures

Fun outdoor activities help to develop an awareness of their surroundings, boost moods and reduce stress in a physical form.

Sushi Rolling

Learn the art of making sushi as well as understand the nutrient value that promotes health.

Rainbow Salad

Be creative with your salads, develop the skill of making a high nutrient salad, and learn the beneficial effects of different vegetables.


Learn to make this amazing appetiser, experience, and share skill of making tapas, helps enhancing skill of cooking nutritional recipes from scratch.

Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga

A family experience that explores different ways of practicing Yoga for overall wellbeing, physically, emotionally, energy and vitality.


This calming activity creates the development of self, surroundings awareness, and a lengthened attention span.

Poets Corner

Poetic self-expression that improves cognitive function and communication skills.

Falafel Balls

Learn to cook this global snack in with an easy and healthy method.

Buckwheat Pancakes

To teach and add creativity to cooking, by enhancing the skill of cooking nutritional recipes from scratch.

Vegetable Chips & Dips

An innovative way to motivate the healthy choice of snack making from baked natural flavour root vegetables.

Energy Ball

A nutritional experience designed to enhance the skill of making healthy snacks and to nurture wellbeing.

Pasta Workshop

Designed to illustrate a level of simplicity in life by making a pasta from 3 simple ingredients.


A creative experiment with various media to encapsulate ideas, emotions, and memories in a physical form.

Clay Pottery

An excellent way to develop a teenager’s fine motor skills and stimulate tactile and visual senses.

Table Tennis

A great teamwork exercise that enhances physical strength, coordination, movement, and balance.

DIY Geocaching

Learn to navigate, through this recreational activity of hunting and finding a hidden object by means of GPS which initiates a teenager to a global treasure hunt.

DJ & Dance

An exciting way to release physical and mental tension in a sensually self-indulgent atmosphere

Beach Volleyball

A great dynamic and teamwork exercise that enhances physical strength, coordination, movement, and balance.

Scavenger Hunt

A great interactive activity designed to enhance problem-solving, teamwork, listening, and interactive skill in a tangible way.

Tennis Tournament

A fund dynamic exercise that enhances physical movement and mental alertness.


A competitive sport providing a physical as well as mental challenge.


An insightful experience into astrology, whilst providing a relaxing space to ease of the end of the day

The Chase

This is a game of cat-seeking mice that creates a heightened sense of awareness, excitement, and thrill.

Documentary Screening

A relaxed informative session that will share updated knowledge of current world affairs and creates the perfect platform for dialogue and communication sharing.

Upcycling Workshop

An interesting workshop designed to develop environmental, sustainable awareness and enhance creativity.

Photography Workshop

The workshop is designed for the teenager, to explore their potential through creativity which enhances their self-esteem.

Clay Pressing

Creatively designed to develop teenager’s fine motor skills and stimulate tactile and visual senses.

Kayak Eco-Safari

A low-impact fun activity designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and increase muscle strength.