Our activities for little ones open their minds to the wonders of creative play and discovery of the world around them, from painting rocks and printing with leaves to washing trucks and threading beads.

Stem Science magnetic tubes

The aim of this activity is to promote the use of children’s cognitive skills; to get them thinking about the process of transferring and identifying how to combine strength through science.

Stem Science Potions

This activity will focus on children’s fine motor skills as they use scoop, pour and transfer. It also improves their sensory skills as they are making and causing reactions; feeling and working with different products and forms.

Hedgehog Card threading

This activity will teach children about the local legend and will support their fine motor development as they thread different holes. Their cognitive skills are being used as they use their thought process to differentiate sizes.

Energy Granola bars

To deepen the children’s knowledge about nutrition and supporting their all round wellbeing. It will improve their coordination and communication skills as they work with others to make their recipe.

2 D Shape hunt

This is a cognitive activity that will open children up to the shapes in our environment. The children will be encouraged to open their minds and see different shapes in real life structures. This will also improve their sensory skills.

Memory match

The aim of this activity is to work on children’s cognitive skills; to build their memory muscle and to problem solve. It also opens the children up to different products that they can use from the environment that surrounds them.

Cognitive bead stringing

This activity is to work on children’s cognitive skills, their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through bead stringing.

Leaf threading

This activity will focus on developing the children’s fine motor skills as they thread natural materials in addition to that, they will learn and become aware of the environment around them as they use different products.

Banana pudding slime

to promote children’s cognitive skills; get them thinking and following the process needed to create banana pudding slime. This also interlinks and focuses on their senses of (taste, touch, smell, see).

Gloopy gloop

This activity will focus on developing children’s sensory skills as they mess around with the textures of gloop; they will feel different forms such as liquids and solids and become more aware of them.

Mini Bubble wands

This activity ignites the children’s creative side whilst giving them the opportunity explore their senses; observing, exploring and experimenting with their mini DIY wands.

Chef Hats

The aim of this activity is to keep the children engaged for the following cooking activity making them feel in the role of a “Mini Chef”.

Mud playdough

To spark children’s creativity through playdough the trainer talks about sustainability and the environment. This also interlinks with their cognitive skills as they follow recipe(s) and create their mixture.

Guitar demo

The aim of this activity is to create an ambience of calm and serenity; help children focus and listen to music and enjoy their space. This activity supports children’s sensory skills as they observe and listen to different sounds.

Twig weaving

The children will learn about local culture; promoting and supporting their emotional and social development. This activity also works on children’s fine motor skills as they use hand eye coordination for their pieces.

Rain stick discovery

In this activity little ones explore sound through creative use of recycled products. This activity supports self expression and sensory skills as children observe and play different sounds.

Relaxing lava lamp

The aim for this activity is for the children to gain and develop their knowledge and make their lava lamps. Lava lamps are greatly associated with positivity and relaxation and will explore children’s curious nature.

Contact paper collage

This activity exposes the children to the natural environment and in return benefits for the children to use the environment to create their own art expressions.

Crunchy box

In this activity children learn about different textures; talking about how they sound and feel and working on children’s senses.

See sound experiment

The aim of this activity is to show children how they can “see” sound, this will help them understand how sound is made. This activity is a good way to support the development of children’s sensory skills.

Sensory spice painting

The aim of this activity is to develop children’s sensory skills as they use the spices to explore. This will ignite children’s imaginations and curiosities.

Feed The animals

This activity is to promote the use of children’s fine motor skills, develop their concentration and coordination skills and encourage them to focus.

Float or sink

This activity is to give the children the opportunity to learn through play and experiment different floating and sinking material.

DIY magnet sticks

This activity is to provide the children with a hands on experience in STEM and give them the opportunity to learn through play.

Pom Pom Drop

This activity is to promote the development of fine motor skills and to encourage toddlers to use their skills in sorting, matching and colours.

Giant shape match

This activity encourages positive behavioural skills as children will be stimulated and engaged throughout, prompting communication and coordination.

Pattern balance

This activity is to promote the development of children’s gross motor skills as they walk, run, skip, hop & jump.

Alphabet fishing

This activity will support the children’s phonological awareness and develop their skills to recognise different letters of the alphabet.

Picture sorting

The aim of this activity is to support children in their cognitive development to sort and match items according to size (and other varies).

Nutritional mini chef Workshop

This activity promotes communication and cooperation and to develop and support children’s all-round health and wellbeing.

Engineered wall Drop

The aim of this activity is to support the development of children’s fine motor skills.

Feel N Find

This activity is designed to support the development of children’s sensory awareness: through touch and feel of different items (and perhaps smelling too!)

Natural clay Impression

This activity highlights the importance of nature, natural materials and how they can be used through art as a means of expression.

Ocean Shapes Mural

This activity will open children to be more aware of the world around them. It also focuses on self-expression as children will make pieces in their own fashion.

Giant jewellery

This activity contributes to the child’s social and emotional development by allowing them the space to get creative and express themselves.

Stamped Hedgehog Art

To spark children’s creativity and learning about the legends and the desert hedgehog. They will have their own mini desert hedgehogs to take home.

Expressive arts

This is a great physical activity as well as creative; It also encourages children to “self express” which is important for their overall wellbeing.

Sticky wall

This activity also encourages children to use their communication skills as they learn about the shapes.

Fruit & Veg prints

This activity the familiarize the child and explore different types of fruits and vegetables and use them through art.

Therapeutic art

This activity provides children with ways to support their expressive language by art; self-direction and encourage positive behavioural skills.

Mini worlds

This activity encourages the positive feelings in children to create their own mini worlds using as many natural products as possible.

Soapy foam play

To progressively build and develop their sensory skills kids are allowed the freedom to explore different textures.

Smell sensory

This activity is to support the development of children’s sensory skills they will use the sense of smell for different products and identify.

Sensory play dough

In this activity, children will learn how to make their own playdough which in turn will sharpen their senses of touch, smell, and sight.

Helicopter stories

Let the imaginations of your children fly, and gives opportunity to develop their social and emotional skills as they communicate and cooperate with other children.

Flower Petal sensory play

This activity will get children expose their senses to the environment activity will progressively build fine motor skills by stir, pour and measure.

Beach sensory tub

This activity supports the development of children’s sensory skills while exploring their curiosities and igniting their interests.

Nature Sensory box

This is a great opportunity for children to learn about the environment that surrounds them while observe and explore nature in its purest form.

Body art

This activity helps the child gain knowledge of their body and give them the chance to be curious and explore freedom of expression through art using their bodies.

Soothing stories

This activity is gives children the opportunity to recreate some of their favourite stories in a calm and soothing environment.

Reflective Shadow Trace

The aim is to teach children about their shadows and where they come from. This teaches children about reflecting and will support the development of their social and emotional development as they learn about themselves.

Water Paints

The aim of this activity is to encourage the children to work together or individually and freely experiment with different materials (mainly water & paint). This will contribute to children’s social and emotional development.

DIY Water wall

The aim of this activity is to encourage the children to use problem solving strategies to create a steady flowing system. This will improve their sensory skills as they see, feel and hear developments in their structure to maintain it.

Sidewalk Expression

The aim of this activity is to encourage the children to express themselves through art whilst promoting sustainability. It gives the children a chance to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Natural Photo frame

The aim of this activity is for the children to create a mini zen garden that will help them relax supporting their overall wellbeing and encourage positive behavioural skills to develop.

Plant Care

The aim of this activity is to teach the children how to take care of plants and deepen their knowledge of the world; the natural environment is known to be relaxing and boosts children’s moods, reducing their stress levels.

Natural Photo frame

The aim of this activity is to open children’s minds to using natural materials for art. It gives them the chance to invent, experiment and learn all about the environment.

Mangrove Picnic

This activity is great for social and emotional development as the children interact with others in a safe, enabling, and natural environment. Being in an environment like this also is known to reduce stress levels and boost positivity.

Mini Terrariums

The aim of this activity is to create a mini ecosystem and learn about nature! This activity progressively builds children’s thought processes as they follow directions and learn to make their terrariums.

Nature Potions

This activity is to open children up to the environment. They will explore and get creative whilst learning all about the items that they’re using. The exposure to fresh air and natural materials are also known to boost children’s moods.

Beach in a Bottle

This activity promotes curiosity about the marine life and great way to improve mood.

Mangrove Care/Adventure

This activity helps to develop the care and concern towards our environment and nature.

Recycled Binoculars

This activity helps the child sustainably create binoculars in an environmental friendly approach.

Wildflower Seed bombs

This activity is a fun way to gain insight and knowledge about the surroundings.

Bug Houses

This activity helps the child understand life around tiny creatures.

Rock Painting

This activity ignites the child’s imagination and assists in the development of good communication skills.

Mucky Sensory Marking

This activity develops the child’s marking skills and brings environmental awareness.

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a multi-sensory activity for soothing, relaxing and bonding with the child.

Shaving Foam Fun

This is a sensory activity that teaches the value to effective expression in kids.

Ocean Sensory Play

This is activity focuses on helping the kid explore ocean and sea animals.

Water Babies

This bouncy activity promotes the child to play in natural environment while keeping it interesting and buoyancy for the child.

Frozen Nature

Frozen nature is sensory treat to the child’s senses that helps the child discover nature in artistic way.

Ice Block Building

This a fun filled activity to improve child’s motor skills and enhance the creativity.

Muddy Truck Wash

This activity teaches the child to be actively involved in everyday activities in fun and creative ways.

Wellness Bath Bombs

This is a relaxing activity that teaches the child to create own bath bombs by means of sustainable ingredients.

Ice Lolly Paints

This activity enables the child to create art sustainably and invokes creativity at the same time.

Organic Gardening

This activity helps in creating awareness among the little ones towards nature and the environment.

Car Wash

This activity focuses on developing responsibility towards the surroundings through cleaning and working together as team.

Traditional Dancing

This activity helps the child appreciate the culture and invokes interests while keeping them moving.

Mini Agility Course

This activity encourages healthy competition between the children whilst keeping them fit and active.

Fitness Bingo

This activity focuses on the child’s well-being through active stimulation.

Skee Ball

This activity is a fun way to build the child’s strategic thinking to achieve goals as it holds the child’s attention.

Scavenger Hunt

This activity helps the child in exploring the environment in a fun and interesting way.

Mini Circuit Training

This activity engages the child’s alertness and stimulates the wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Transfer Ball Skills

This activity focuses on gross motor developmental skills like walking, running, and balancing and fine motor skills like hand eye coordination.

Animal Yoga

Animal yoga invites the child to reap the benefits of yoga that will creatively familiarize with common animal poses.

Dizzy Dancers

This activity focuses on the physical movement and activeness of the child by means of dance.

Active Soccer Skills

This activity helps the child learn skills for soccer and promotes communication and cooperation through the game.

Animal Bingo

This is a fun way to introduce your child to legend animals and their voices.

Explore the Environment

This activity is known to stimulate the alertness, curiosity, observation and interest of young minds towards nature.

Wellness Yoga

Wellness Yoga promotes overall health and wellness of your child while reaping benefits of yoga.

Natural Stick Maze

This activity enhances a child’s problem-solving skills and supports mental well-being at the same time.

Adventure Walks

This activity helps reducing stress in kids by promoting curiosity and self-directed play.

Leaf Prints

The activity focus on your child’s hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, details and patterns.

Natural Abacus

This activity not just enhances the mathematical skills of the young minds but also Improves creativity skills.

Sand Sculpting

The activity is designed to develop child’s fine motor skills and bring environmental awareness through tactile and olfactory senses.

Family Leaf

The activity introduces the child to the concept of families by developing social and emotional skills.