06th July 2022 – 26th July 2022

What is Seifu Therapy?
Seifu therapy is a simple yet effective natural-healing therapy, created in Japan where it is now recognized as a therapeutic healing technique. The technique works on body by ‘lifting’ the skin along certain meridian points, creating ‘space’ at the epidermis. This promotes blood circulation, fluidity and oxygenation in the body.

Doing Seifu therapy helps to provide benefit until as deep as into cellular level. As such it can help to rejuvenate the body and boosts the body’s immune system. Seifu therapy can be done on the whole body, or on specific areas of the body, depending on the desired result. Different lifting techniques may be applied on different parts
of the body to create different health benefits.

Seifu therapy is a natural beauty therapy too. By applying Seifu on the face will help to rejuvenate, uplift, improve blood circulation and hydrate the skin. Seifu can also help to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin.

As a therapeutic treatment, Seifu therapy is a gentle and non-invasive technique for effectively relieving stress, headaches, body aches, pains, and insomnia. Comment by some of the client, Seifu therapy is Gentle yet Powerful therapy. The benefits can just beyond imagination.

Why Seifu Therapy?
Seifu therapy is a non-invasive therapy suitable for all age group at all health condition. It is a manual therapy which focusing on human touch. This is a holistic and organic approach to create the environment for better flow of the energy in our body. Because Seifu Therapy is an evolutional in healing because can relief the pain of healing.

“With Seifu therapy, we don’t need to suffer from pain of healing.” And by acquiring the skill, we can use it anytime we need especially during emergency.

Integration of Seifu and Sound
According to research, vibration from the sound flow well with liquid, 70% of our body made up from liquid. In sound healing, we focus on chakra clearing and balancing. This integration came about simply to complement of best benefits of individual to have healing on Mind-Body-Soul. This provides another wholesome approach to
assist in healing of individual.

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