05th January 2023- 26th January 2023

Smitha journey began as a monk in the Hindu tradition for 10 years through her twenties. This has molded and inspired her approach to life and her work. She spent the next decade in the Wellness Industry as Life enhancement mentor with a leading Wellness resort in Thailand, guiding people through life change, relationship enhancement, emotional balance and self-acceptance.

Smitha is a certified teacher with CEB^™ (Cultivating Emotional Balance) that combines Buddhist psychology and practices with modern psychological tools.

With an intrinsic understanding of the ‘mind-body-emotion dynamics’, Smitha creates sustainable strategies to enhance stress dissolution, improve a heartful connection with oneself and others, and facilitate a shift in the way they think and feel.

She is also a student of the Krishnamachari Tradition of yoga. Her therapies are also grounded on holistic practices of yoga, breathing and meditation to strengthen all facets of human personality.

Smitha believes that ‘Awareness is the beginning, the end and the power of every process of transformation’. She fosters a space for self-awareness and self-enquiry to facilitate a personal transformation through integrated therapies.