05th January 2023- 26th January 2023

Beginning his career in the banking industry, Rajesh had an inner calling into the spiritual path. This path led him to embrace a monastic life in the Hindu/Buddhist tradition for the next 14 years.
As a motivational speaker and storyteller, Rajesh believes in finding life-balance and freedom through awareness and kindness. Through powerful processes of reflection and insights he helps you become free of conflicting repetitive responses, heal unresolved emotions, establish greater connection in relationships and rediscover your core strengths and values.
His core expertise lies in:
▪ Understanding and translating the dynamics of mind and emotions
▪ Help get in touch with one’s deeper perceptions, emotions and impressions
▪ Identify, manage and dissolve stress – its symptoms, factors and sources
▪ Mentoring to open one’s potential in optimal performance and right life balance
▪ Breaking down complex truths into easily applicable principles and tools for everyday life
▪ Establishing a deeper connection with ourselves – body, mind and heart.

Rajesh’s teachings have evolved through personal transformative experiences and working with thousands of people for the past 2 decades. Rajesh resides and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand.