Energy Healing Master, Crystal Healer, Massage Therapist

Wellness Consultation – Complimentary
An opportunity to discuss privately with Jill any wellness concerns that you may have, and to learn more about how the different treatments that she offers can help you to improve your health and well-being.

Emotional Detox Treatment – 60 minutes / 90 minutes
If you have been under a lot of stress lately, or if you had some difficult experiences in the past, then this treatment could be ideal to help you to rebalance. During the treatment Jill uses hands-on energy healing, breath work, creative visualization and positive affirmations to help you to let go of the internal pressure in a healthy way so that you can come back to yourself in a deeply harmonized state.

Crystal Chakra Balancing – 60 minutes / 90 minutes
Beautiful healing crystals are placed on your chakras (energetic centers) to benefit all levels of your being. While your body, mind and spirit absorb the high vibrations of these special stones, Jill gives you a hands-on energy healing to amplify the effects. This healing treatment cleanses, energizes, calms, inspires and rebalances.

Crystal Healing Massage Journey – 90 minutes
During this tailor-made massage treatment crystals are placed on your chakras so you can benefit from their high vibrations. When you are fully grounded in your body, Jill will continue with hands-on energy healing to complement the effects of the crystals. Benefits include stress relief, tension release and regulation of the nervous system, leaving you feeling peaceful, calm and inspired.

Therapeutic Life Consultation – 60 minutes / 90 minutes
This session gives you the space to reflect and talk through any issues or concerns that you are experiencing in your life with Jill. Through intuitive deep listening Jill will enable you to find greater awareness, insight and perspective. This consultation will give you more clarity, shining a light on your way ahead.

Intuitive Massage Treatment – 60 minutes / 90 minutes
Holding a nurturing space, Jill intuitively uses a combination of bodywork techniques to encourage you to relax and let go, according to your personal needs and preferences. During the massage you can also receive some hands-on healing to bring you into an even deeper state of balance, relaxation and release.

Deep Intuitive Massage Treatment – 60 minutes / 90 minutes
A deeper treatment including deep tissue techniques on targeted areas of the body where habitual reactions to stress have caused tensions to accumulate, such as in the shoulders, back and neck. Jill works to release this physical pressure from your muscles to leave you feeling more comfortable and peaceful in your body and mind.

Retention Relief Massage Treatment – 60 minutes
This treatment addresses blockages in the digestive system and water retention. A firm, rhythmic abdominal massage focuses on the large intestine, together with massage techniques to reduce bloating. Water retention in the legs, ankles and arms can also be relieved. Relevant pressure points are stimulated to aid the process.

Children’s Healing & Massage Combo – 60 minutes
Choose your favorite crystals from Jill’s collection. Then receive a special combination of crystal healing, hands-on healing and massage. This treatment has been appreciated by both smaller and older children. Jill mixes massage and healing throughout this child-led treatment according to the needs of each moment.