01st June 2022 – 29th June 2022

Researcher and practitioner for more than ten years in the main schools of oriental
philosophy, in 2016 he became a meditation teacher after being qualified by his main
teacher. His style of teaching is pragmatic with a “down to earth approach” that supports personal development in a holistic way, going beyond culture and religious beliefs. His main focus is on nurturing awareness as he strongly believes that everyone has all the resources, capacities and qualities to be happy, focused, strong and to flow with the experience moment by moment, engaging with situations in ways that are optimal for the individual, others and the environment.

Today he organises and leads events and workshops in Italy and London, individually
following his students in a path of growth and personal realisation. In his sessions he creates a safe environment for self-discovery and self-inquiry opening up a space of presence, care, trust, warmth and curiosity, free of judgement, where the client
feels heard and at ease and where a strong relationship is built in order to create the right conditions for growth and change to happen.

Creating a safe environment for self-discovery and self-inquiry opening a space of presence, care, trust, warmth and curiosity, free of judgment, where one feels heard and at ease. My approach is highly individualised to the needs and objectives of the client. He will be sharing guided meditations, breathing techniques, self-reflection exercises and practical techniques to nurture Awareness, Presence, Self Confidence, Emotional Balance, and Relaxation.

It is a cutting-edge individualised sound therapy for self-healing, effortless change and harmony based on the sound of your voice. The frequencies emitted by your voice can be used to pinpoint physical, emotional and mental imbalances, find their root causes and activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Nei Qi Gong is a system of ancient Chinese practices that have the power to increase, unlock and release your life energy (Qi) in a concrete and visible way for health, therapeutic, spiritual or martial purposes.

Coaching and Meditation
Vibrational Retraining (Sound Therapy)
Qi Gong and Nei Qi Gong