In-Residence from 2nd January 2022 – 15th January 2022.

Ivana's innovative BODY ID method is based on many years of professional experience in dance, Intelligent Movement, Movement Therapy, and observations of the human body, and is proven to be effective for long-term relief from chronic back pain, safer alternative programmes to physical fitness and the prevention of muscular-skeletal damage.
Ivana pioneered her revolutionary approach by applying a holistic technique that encompasses a person’s lifestyle, physical characteristics, and mindful well-being.
She has collaborated with renowned doctors and clinics, from London to Singapore, even introducing the Pilates Method and other intelligent movement methods to Singapore and South East Asia in 1998.
Ivana now runs her posture and movement re-education clinic in the renowned Harley Street medical hub of London.

Our body has been designed to be in movement. A body that does not move is dysfunctional, and like a machine that is not used, it will get rusty and eventually break down. A healthy body, free from pain and capable of enjoying the freedom of movement will give you a sense of general well-being. This wonderful natural “high”, accompanied by that positive feeling, is the most powerful anti-ageing and anti-depressant combination, a truly natural life motivator.
This positive attitude, this connection with your body that you will rediscover through healthy and intelligent movement, is the first link of the chain that will anchor you to a future of health and vigour for the rest of your life.