We welcome a number of visiting consultants who bring a fresh perspective and new capabilities to guide and inspire us.

Paul Emery – Holistic Healer

(29 Nov – 31 Dec 2023)
Bristish-born award-winning celebrity therapist, Paul, has been a professional therapist since 1994. He has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide and is known for his gentle, safe, confidential and importantly non-psychoanalytical treatments. His evidence-based treatments have produced noticeable results, earning him immense praise over the years.

Joachim Bertelsen – Body Work Therapist

(9 – 23 Dec 2023)
Joachim is a body therapist who follows a holistic approach to treating physical and emotional ailments through the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. By using a variety of techniques including massage, breathing, stretching and movement therapy, body therapy aims to release tension and promote relaxation to alleviate pain and improve overall wellbeing.