We welcome a number of visiting consultants who bring a fresh perspective and new capabilities to guide and inspire us.


With an extensive background cultivated over 15 years across leading venues in Africa and London’s Notting Hill, Janine offers an unparalleled experience in holistic healing through her immersive workshops. Combining her extensive knowledge with culturally enriched techniques to create a personalised wellness experience for every guest. Her expertise lies not only in the practical application of these therapies but also in their theoretical understanding, drawing upon her extensive training and experience.

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Dr. Aradhana Ghyas: Naturopath, yoga master, and ayurvedic healer

(1 September to 30 September 2024)

Trained by India’s most prestigious yoga school Bihar School of Yoga and with a wellness career spanning over a decade, Dr. Aradhana Gyas has dedicated her life to alternative medicine and specialises with clients at advanced ages. With her expertise as a naturopath, she will also share body detoxification and cleansing techniques with resort guests during her residency.

Tricia Tee: Seifu therapist

(3 November to 24 November 2024)

A Seifu therapist for over 10 years, Tricia has helped people with various conditions and ages live with comfort and relief from the chronic pain they have been suffering. Many clients, especially those with cancer, find her therapy extremely valuable due to the natural relief it provides from chemotherapy. Seifu therapy is non-invasive with no medication and needles.

Patience Bekezela: Sound healing and aromatherapy

(1 December to 23 December 2024)

Patience is an accomplished wellness therapist with a diploma and certificate in beauty therapy. She has contributed to many award-winning hotel spas and resorts across the Middle East and Africa. She has developed treatments that have the influence of African heritage, movements and sounds to reconnect individuals to their roots.