We welcome a number of visiting practitioners who bring a fresh perspective and new capabilities to guide and inspire us.


05th January 2023- 26th January 2023

Smitha Jayakumar is a Personal Mentor, Counselor and Teacher with more than 21 years of experience working with Individuals and groups, conducting therapies, workshops and retreats for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.



05th January 2023- 26th January 2023

Rajesh Ramani is a spiritual teacher, life-transformation expert and mentor with over 24 years of experience running retreats, workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions. He works extensively with eastern philosophies and positive psychology and has travelled widely addressing diverse audiences across the globe including Individuals, Groups and Organizations.



01st Feb 2023- 28th Feb 2023

My passion is to provide tools in order to turn ON your own healing mechanisms and to provide a safe environment for you to BE.

I also teach various healing methods including Facial Reflex Therapy & Japanese Face Lifting Lone Sorensen Method, Yoga & Qi Gong for Healing for those who would like to acquire knowledge and techniques of general Well-Being.


01st March 2023- 23rd March 2023

As my personal journey led me down unexpected paths, I realised that I needed to be even more directly engaged in discovering and unlocking a deeper understanding of myself. I became certified in Somatic Experiencing Therapy in an intense 3-year process that solidified my understanding at a deeper level.

While I am always a work in progress, every step in my journey has made me realise that I am compelled to help others achieve a better, happier self. Thus, my life's work is dedicated to living a life that betters one life at a time.


25th April 2023- 25th May 2023

Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar has been a Physical Therapy practitioner since 2004 and she became an energy healer since 2009. Her interest in the various healing energy work led her to become a Reiki master and Advance healing practitioner.



01st May 2023- 01st June 2023

For the past 22 years Phil has been assisting people on their healing and spiritual journeys, a role, which in itself, took him on a journey across the world, expanding his skills and understanding, connecting him with some of the most incredible Healers/Shamans/Visionaries.



Upcoming Visiting Practitioner – 2023

Maria has studied Anatomy in Motion under Gary Ward, who authored What the Foot – learning self-assessment programs and ways to encourage the body to heal itself. She also studied ‘scar work’ with advanced Rolfer Sharon Wheeler, a practice she brings into her sessions when needed. Scars, like those from c-sections and post-surgery, can occasionally restrict organ function and body structure, causing pain. She aims to reintegrate these scars and help the body heal.



Upcoming Visiting Practitioner – 2023

Mawya is an intuitive “life energy” healer, hypnotherapist,” heart wisdom” scholar and one of the first Rapid transformational therapy practitioner in Qatar, she has been passionate all her life about helping people to live a better life and be happy.
She has 20+ years of working experience in different life fields, throughout those years, with her passion, intuition, knowledge, experiences, a powerful “personal transformative” journey, and an intention she helped many people to excel passionately, and joyfully through their own life journey.


01st November 2023- 30th November 2023

Growing up in Africa, wellness has been imprinted in my DNA from as early as the age of 17. In my community, I saw a lot of men and women who worked so hard for their families and would return home exhausted after a long-day’s work. Old men and women suffered from all sorts of ailments but could not afford an extra penny to pamper themselves.