We welcome a number of visiting consultants who bring a fresh perspective and new capabilities to guide and inspire us.

Tricia Tee – Seifu Therapist

(15 Sept – 9 Oct 2023)
A Seifu therapist for over 10 years, Tricia has helped people with various conditions and ages live with comfort and relief from the chronic pain they have been suffering. Many clients, especially those with cancer, find her therapy extremely valuable due to the natural relief it provides from chemotherapy. Seifu therapy is non-invasive with no medication and needles.


Unlock Transformational Wellness with Phil Davies

(24 Oct – 18 Nov 2023)
Immerse yourself in a life-changing experience with Phil Davies, a seasoned practitioner and change facilitator with over 20 years of expertise. Phil's extraordinary skill set includes techniques like Vibrational Attunement, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Hypnotherapy. Specialising in transcending trauma, negating outdated belief systems, and releasing emotional burdens, Phil guides you toward newfound freedom, confidence, and inner peace.


Sirish Helen Shalini – Holistic Healer and Coach

(1 – 30 Oct 2023)
Sirish (Chikky) has always been intrigued by the workings of the Universe. It is perhaps this and her listening ability that naturally drew people to her. She is a hypnotherapist and access bars facilitator with access consciousness. Her treatments include holistic empowerment, couple empowerment, water flow body balance and energy healing with sound and access bars.

Patience Bekezela – Sound Healing and Aromatherapy

(1 – 30 Nov 2023)
Patience is an accomplished wellness therapist with a diploma and certificate in beauty therapy. She has contributed to many award-winning hotel spas and resorts across the Middle East and Africa. She has developed treatments that have the influence of African heritage, movements and sounds to reconnect individuals to their roots.

Paul Emery – Holistic Healer

(01 – 31 Dec 2023)
Bristish-born award-winning celebrity therapist, Paul, has been a professional therapist since 1994. He has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide and is known for his gentle, safe, confidential and importantly non-psychoanalytical treatments. His evidence-based treatments have produced noticeable results, earning him immense praise over the years.

Joachim Bertelsen – Body Work Therapist

(9 – 23 Dec 2023)
Joachim is a body therapist who follows a holistic approach to treating physical and emotional ailments through the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. By using a variety of techniques including massage, breathing, stretching and movement therapy, body therapy aims to release tension and promote relaxation to alleviate pain and improve overall wellbeing.