We are supporting guests on their journey towards holistic wellness and spiritual purification during the Holy Month of Ramadan with tailormade sustainable wellness retreat programmes and dietary programmes specifically designed to prepare mind and body for periods of fasting, devotion and reflection.

Ramadan is a special time for reflection, self-improvement, kindness and spirituality, when those observing the Holy Month fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting has been used as a healing, spiritual and purification process for centuries, allowing the body to detox from overeating and exposure to unwanted chemicals in food and the environment. Changes to eating habits, sleeping patterns and daily routine can however affect physical and mental health, so it is especially important to look after one’s wellbeing during any period of fasting.

Aligned with the phases of the Holy Month – prior, during and post-season – Zulal Wellness Resort’s tailored programmes and specially-devised meal plans are focused on preparing for and supporting fasting, bringing guests’ digestive and metabolic systems back to optimal function as well as rebalancing mind, body and spirit.


To help you reap the maximum health benefits during Ramadan, we have designed the Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat to prepare your gut for the fast. It encompasses a fully personalised holistic programme and cleansing diet based on your ‘temperament’, a key concept in Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM).
This is coupled with a programme of outdoor activities focusing on movement and rest, including beach yoga, pranayama breathing and meditation to aid mental clarity and better sleep, while a series of detoxifying treatments such as lymphatic drainage, balneotherapy and colon hydrotherapy allow the body and digestive system to reset.
The Cleansing Diet meal plan is high-fibre, high nutrient and low calorie. It is rich in fruit and vegetables, with easy-to-digest fish or plant-based protein.

GUT HEALING ON MIND-BODY RETREAT – – Ideally days 1-10 of Ramadan

We recommend Mind-Body Wellness Retreat incorporating the Gut Healing diet is specifically designed by our health experts to help clear your mind alongside your fast. It is ideal for people in need of the time and space to step back from their life and recover balance, thus rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. It aims to de-stress, replenish and boost the immune system through a diverse range of healing traditions and holistic activities such as Beach Yoga, Pranayama Breathing, Energy Balancing Treatment, Foot Reflexology, Head Massage and Reiki.
The retreat aims to re-establish the connection between the gut and brain, act on the mind and the body to relieve the gut and adapt the digestive system with the fast.


Ramadan can be a great opportunity for weight loss with a focus on restoring the gut health and the digestive system functions. Therefore, during this middle period of Ramadan, we recommend a Sustainable Weight Loss retreat alongside the Portion Meal Plan to control the calorie intake while containing sufficient nutrition, or the Gut Healing diet including ingredients rich in probiotics and prebiotics which will help you improve and repair the gut function, beside low glycemic foods to control your insulin levels, and fibre-rich foods that support the process of weight loss. The programme and diet aim to tackle excess fat in the body, reduce insulin resistance and restore gut health.
The Portion Meal plan is designed by our health experts to guide you to the suitable calorie amount and nutrients based on your individual activity and daily requirement. Our chef team have designed menus with healthy, low-calorie ingredients prepared with creative cooking techniques to ensure you will enjoy your meals.

FAMILY CONNECTION ON Discovery Retreat – Ideally days 21-30 of Ramadan

The first 20 days of Ramadan are intended for self-discovery and self-improvement, while the last 10 days is a time to reconnect with your loved ones. Zulal Discovery, the resort’s family-oriented side, offers a dedicated Zulal Discovery Retreat as well as facilities and activities designed to boost physical, cognitive, and mindful wellness for families to enjoy together.
It includes wellness activities suited to all the family, such as joint fitness classes, parent-child signature massages in a double room, physiotherapy classes, and ‘good night rituals’, ensuring that each day ends with a peaceful sleep. Not forgetting that parents and children need their own time to relax, kids can enjoy educational and recreational activities with our specially trained team members while their parents are relaxing with our signature wellness activities.