Releasing energetic blockages in our bodies adds greatly to our overall wellbeing. We offer many profound energy-based therapies for physical and emotional harmony.

To help you reach every wellness goal, choose from


This therapy uses rhythmic motions in the cranial bones to promote fluid movement through the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. This profound yet gentle manipulation promotes balance and harmony at the deepest level of your being.


Reflexology is the therapy of applying pressure to reflex points on the feet for stimulating blood flow and energy throughout the body, evoking healing, balance, and harmony.


Energy Centres, also known as T’aqa in Arabic, is a hands-on (or close to the body) therapy that balances energy with a focus on specific areas of pain or the seven energy points in the body, restoring clarity of mind and calming the emotions.


Experience the therapeutic benefits of Crystal healing with Aromatherapy, featuring our Arabic-inspired Tadleek oil of Aromatic Rose and Croatian Lavender, as you enjoy the long, soothing strokes from a heated Jade crystal to warm and relax the muscles.


This is a gentle hands-on therapy that balances T’aqa energy, with a focus on specific areas of blockage in the body. The profound benefits include promoting mental clarity, a calm mind and physical relaxation, along with enhancing awareness of the mind-body connection.


Pranayama is a form of guided yogic breathing technique designed to energize the body and quiet the mind. Discover the profound insight your breath can bring to everyday life.


This meditation practice, for adults only, guides you through the process of connecting with the present moment, helping to relieve the mind and relax the body.