Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine Treatments at Zulal Wellness Resort

Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine follows a holistic path to wellness that embodies traditional healing practices and herbal remedies with lifestyle guidance in nutrition, movement, and rest. We are unique in bringing this beautiful ancient philosophy into a contemporary context, and we are proud to introduce to our guests in the healing modalities of our region. Here are the list of TAIM treatments available at Zulal.

TAIM Consultation: Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine consultation performed by TAIM specialist. In this consultation TAIM specialist will find out the Mizaj (temperament) and dominant humour (akhlath) according to TAIM concept and will suggest appropriate lifestyle and herbal recommendations (if needed) according to TAIM principles (asbab sita zaruriya), which will help to live healthy.

Hijama (Dry/wet cupping therapy): Hijama, or Cupping therapy, is an ancient healing tradition that involves the application of suction cups on the body to draw out stagnant, congested blood and heat, stimulating a localized healing response in the body’s tissue and enhance the cleansing and removal of toxins from the body.

Massage Al-Batin (Abdominal Massage): This soothing and therapeutic internal organ massage, focusing on the abdomen where stress and negative emotions are held and opens wind gate, releasing energetic tension to promote long-lasting health and vitality.

Massage Al-Ra’s (Head Massage): Acupressure points are gently pressed to release tension along the meridian channels of the face, shoulders and neck, followed by a gentle massage of the temples using Zulal’s locally made signature Massage oil for promoting deep relaxation and balance of mind, body and spirit.

Massage Al-Batin wa Al-Ra’s (Abdomen & Head Massage): A therapeutic massage focused on the head and abdomen allows for a powerful release of tension while the aromatic scent of our specially made signature oil, featuring a variety of Traditional Arabic Medicinal herbs, will induce a relaxed body and peace of mind.

Massage Al-Ra’s wa Al-Qadam (Head & Foot Reflexology): This therapy features a powerful combination of two holistic techniques, working on key relaxation zones of the body.  Through a rhythmic massage sequence switching from head to foot, you will experience rejuvenation and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Traditional Qatari Hamiz (Deep Tissue): A deeply relaxing massage therapy that focuses on the whole body, using circular massage strokes with Zulal’s signature Tadleek oil, locally-inspired with indigenous Qatari and Arabic medicinal herbs, in combination with quartz stones to re-energize the body and stimulate circulation and energy flow.  This is a truly unique and restorative therapy infused with the herbal traditions of Qatar.