Introducing TAIM-inspired Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat

The Middle East’s first full immersion wellbeing destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som introduces its Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat, designed for individuals looking to fine-tune their diet or embark on a dietary transformation. Encompassing a holistic approach based on the principles of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM), the individually tailored retreat offers guests at Zulal Serenity the opportunity to discover a new path towards more nourishing foods, bringing their digestive and metabolic systems back to optimal function for sustaining health.

Following the principles of TAIM, health at Zulal Wellness Resort is understood as a balanced state between the four ‘humours’ (phlegm, blood, yellow and black bile) in the body and six essential lifestyle factors – diet and nutrition; air and environment; movement and rest; sleep and wakefulness; mental clarity and peace; and retention and elimination. Available in three- to 14-night durations, Zulal Serenity’s Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat encompasses a fully personalised holistic programme and cleansing diet based on individuals’ temperament and the six essential factors to move them to the ideal state of balance.

Under the guidance of a personal Health & Wellness Advisor, macro- and micro-nutrients, herbal and nutritional supplements and local TAIM-inspired ingredients are carefully balanced to optimise the body’s natural detoxification processes. A programme of outdoor activities focussing on movement and rest includes beach yoga, Pranayama breathing and meditation, to help bring guests mental clarity and improve sleep, while a series of detoxifying treatments such as lymphatic drainage, balneotherapy and colon hydrotherapy allow the body and digestive system to reset.

“We believe the foundation of successful, sustainable weight loss is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that suits individual needs and enhances healthy habits that can be maintained in the long-term,” said Zulal Wellness Resort’s resident physician Dr. Syed Shadab Ahmed. “The Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat focuses on a holistic approach, looking at lifestyle modification, behaviour change and improving gut health through nutrition, while being mindful of medical and physiological factors which play a vital role in weight management.”

The Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat programme includes accommodation at Zulal Serenity and three wellness cuisine meals per day; a personal health and wellness consultation; complimentary daily activities; therapeutic treatments; full access to the resort’s wellness centre including hydrothermal area, Himalayan salt room and hammam; and personalised herbal supplements for guests to take home to support their continued wellness journey.

The new Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat is included in Zulal Wellness Resort’s ‘Wellness Plus’ promotion, with free extra nights and complimentary treatment credits across all new retreat bookings for stays until 31st March 2023. Guests can book three nights for the price of two; five nights for the price of three; or seven nights for the price of four; and receive complimentary wellness treatment credits worth 20 percent of the total price of their chosen retreat.

For more information or reservations, please email Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som at, call/WhatsApp +974 4477 6500 or visit