Serenity and Discovery Retreats

What would the retreat guide look like for a family getaway and adults-only retreat?

Retreats for family focuses on family bonding activities and family centric treatments that will boost the family bonds and revive the bonds throughout the resort from family bonding activities at the dining areas till spa treatments, recreational activities that focus on all-round development of the child and also empower one with knowledge and sensory development based on the age of the child.

Enhancing the health and well-being with the entire family to take away being healthy together.

Although a family retreat, In a family retreat every individual gets equal focus while customizing the retreat based on the family focus.

Family retreats help one attain all the benefits as equal as any other retreats but still focussing on the core values of family bonding.

Please introduce the overall retreats look like. How are they different? How TAIM will be introduced in our service?

The retreats are based on the goals of individuals and a lot of research has gone under designing these specific packages, these packages offer a range of selection of treatments that will be further tailormade by the health and wellness advisor upon initial consultation and assessing and examining the underlying causes. The advisor then tailors a customized retreat as per the goals and adjusts the retreat.

The retreats are based on Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM) which promotes food as medicine and rest and movement to attain health and natural herbs and products used in the spa treatments are TAIM inspired TAIM also promotes to eat local and use local ingredients to be in line with your health and the geography of your residence hence TAIM in inculcated in throughout the modalities in form of food, garden, treatments and products used.

Can you give us more info about the Junior Retreat for kids?

Zulal Junior is an amazing introduction to the little ones that their early beginnings are incorporated with healthy habits which lead to healthy lifestyle through various ways. From activities that offer education, development, enhancement to interactive activities and inculcating healthy habits right from the beginning, The kids will reconnect with the culture, traditions, get out of the digital world and bond with family as well as explore their capabilities and enhance their creativity and foster healthy habits.