HAMMAM DETOXIFICATION – Ritual Detoxification and Rebalancing Mind Body and Spirit

The word ‘hammam’ is derived from the Arabic root ‘hamm’, which means ‘spreader of warmth’, or ‘that which produces heat’. In Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine, hammam rituals are designed not only to cleanse the body, but also to prevent diseases of the humours. Superfluous or waste matter is removed in the form of sweat or vapours, which is also beneficial for the skin. Increased blood flow increases the availability of nutrients to the body’s various organs.

Hammam and the Ancient World

The use of water for therapeutic purposes is found amongst many traditions around the world. It is mentioned in the bible, and in the medical treatises of the Greeks and Persians. Hippocrates viewed the application of water as an essential component of healing. Ibn Sina described specifically the beneficial effects of hammam for circulation, detoxification, metabolism, congestion, weight and even energy levels. He observed its powerful, purifying and cleansing effect both in a physical and spiritual sense. Throughout history, water has been used to treat fever, joint pain, headache and even mental distress.

The Classic Hammam

A classic hammam consists of three consecutive chambers, with one leading to the other: from cold (frigidarium) to warm (tepidarium) to hot (calidarium). Ibn Sina compared each chamber to a season, with the bather passing through each within a specified duration of time, to best restore imbalanced humours and achieve maximum effect.

Hammam in the Modern World

In recent years, the hammam has undergone a resurgence of interest. The combination of heat, steam and aromatherapy helps to stimulate circulation, relax muscles, ease respiratory problems and relieve stress. Skin tone and texture are improved as the pores are opened and cleansed. Toxins are released, and the immune system is boosted for generally improved health.

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