Family Wellness

Family wellness strives its origins from the first years of our lives, it’s all related to the communication and the first interaction between children and their parents.

Family wellness comes through the fulfilment of satisfactory experiences between the personal and family level. While parents do most of the giving during the children’s early years, children gradually develop the ability to reciprocate and contribute to the family and community wellness in several ways.

Ideally, being an emotionally healthy individual flows from developing and sustaining a realistic and positive sense of self.

A basic tenet of the Family Wellness model is the immense importance of each person being an individual with a realistic and positive sense of self.

There is six dimensions in which the family can exert some control over our lives by modifying our behaviors:

  • Physical: diet, exercise, medical care

  • Intellectual: problem solving, creativity, learning

  • Occupational: personal satisfaction, achievement, ambition

  • Social: personal relationships, community, connection with nature

  • Emotional: awareness and acceptance of feelings, trust, respect

  • Spiritual: meaning and purpose, beliefs, value

Family Wellness is not a “thing” but an active on-going “process” during which, ideally, two fundamental events occur: family become aware of the factors which influence their health and well-being and are then led to make positive adjustments in them.

Zulal Wellness Resort is offering a dedicated space, called Discovery, for individuals and families to come and experience wellness journey inside its premises. It’s a sanctuary dedicated to the power of nature, harnessing its beauty, strengths, and resources to revive the human body, mind, and spirit, bringing back natural energy to where it belongs.

Introducing Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and Family Wellness through the bonding experience, Zulal is initiating a new journey for guests to enroll in.

Focusing on the family wellness, Zulal Wellness Resort, across its public and shared premises is encouraging the digital detox, so guests can disconnect to reconnect, staying focused on each other’s, and in benefiting from their wellness journey.

Through several signature activities, ZWR is encouraging family bonding time, encouraging parents to book and dedicate a large amount of their schedule to be spent as a family. Either benefiting from the signature wellness cuisine experience, where families can cook all together wellness meals, in the presence of professional chefs, either benefiting from the outdoor space, such as the beach, the sea, gathering around a pit fire for family nights, contributing to the sustainability of marine life, through planting Mangrove plants and taking ownership of it.