Diseases Caused by Eating

The famous quote from Hippocrates – Digestive system is the origin of all diseases, This defines what we ingest in our bodies is what the outcome is.rnrnOur health and our food habits go hand in hand, no wonder why the food market is always flourishing however this development has led to various alterations in the ecology as well as the eco-system that food is often modified to fit the marketing and social standards.rnrnThe food we consume today is totally unique to the food that was pure and healthy few years ago that our ancestors enjoyed, With the food quality and nourishment there’s also a key role of the food Trends, fads and myths or just googling or following celeb diets which are not just extreme but create a havoc on our systems.rnrnDiseases like Diabetes, High cholesterol, PCOS, obesity, cardiovascular diseases emerged predominately among all age groups which was a rare phenomenon before.rnrnDIABETES MELLITUSrnrnDiabetes is one of the common conditions we come across that’s often blamed on hereditary, however it’s the stress and food habits play a vital role to and gene predisposition is just not the reason, every food we buy off the shelf is now loaded with some sugars concealed with various fancy names of just as fructose syrup etc., The are added to make the flavours well-balanced and more appealing. Leading to sugar spikes causing insulin demand, weight gain, over-eating, metabolic stress and empty calories that do not nourish the body but just gives a spike in energy.rnrnThe lifestyle today does not permit to cook their meals or plan their meals accordingly hence most people reaching to fast food, canned food instead of just eating locally less processed foods free of GMOs.rnrnCARDIOVASCULAR DISEASESrnrnIt is reported that Cardiovascular diseases are on a rise especially after the emergence of oils and overuse of processed and synthetic oils, leading fatty deposits in our organs and system. the death rates are reported to be growing over the last decades. Early mortality rates in younger individuals.rnrnPCOS – PLOYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROMErnrnIt has been reported that the hormones are laden in every product we consume or apply and directly effects are the hormones leading to direct impact on the female hormones that can cause a havoc like painful menses, bloating, weight gain, excessive facial hair growth, irregular period, mood swings, abdominal cramps etc., these hormones enter our streams through primary and secondary contact effecting the fertility in females.rnrnCONCLUSION rnrnEating clean and local foods has not just economic benefits but also health benefits as they have less preservatives, little or unprocessed, not laden with oils and chemicals supporting biodiversity and enhance the microbiota.rnrnPhysical activities and eating mindfully with holistic approach are essential