At Home Routines to Help You Stay Healthy

Seek more resources online by reading e-book

Even if the bookstores are closed, there are books and reading material available online for free. It turns out there are various benefits to reading in addition to de-stressing. Moreover, reading helps increases memory, enhances sleep quality, expands vocabulary and diminishes risk of Alzheimers.

Give yourself a meditation Break

You don’t need any special equipment or space for doing meditation. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Meditation is thinking deeply or focusing your mind for a certain period of time. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, cool yourself down when your temper flares, and sharpen your concentration skills. If you are a beginner, try with a 5-Minute Breathing meditation. You’ll be happy to know there are plenty of meditation mobile apps available for practice at home.

Workout at home

You may not be able to go to the gym, but it’s not a big deal when you can still workout at home. There are plenty of no-equipment-required exercises you can find in your house. Use water bottles for weights, dish towels for sliders (for exercises like lunges and mountain climbers) or a sturdy chair for step-ups. You can even do many of these exercises in a small space.

Make time for things you enjoy

Give yourself just 15-20 minutes a day. Set aside time to do something you find fun or relaxing. This can be as small as something such as cooking your favorite breakfast, play games or music, or participating in a favorite hobby. It will release chemical messenger to enhance serotonin levels in the body to raise those feel good hormones for your physical and mental health.

Social Connection

We are all social creatures by nature. Loneliness, disconnection and isolation are common problems in remote work life. Find a little time during the day call your close friends or family members, talk about common interests. Making sure you nurture relationships is crucial to mental health, especially when working remotely. Corresponding with others can relieve stress, enhance our mood, and even promote longevity. Even just spending time chatting with friends, family, or with someone is an important way to stroke your social needs daily.