May is Family Wellness Month and an ideal opportunity for families to take stock, reconnect and rejuvenate together for long-lasting health and wellness. It’s a time dedicated to proactively enhancing family connection and communication whilst adopting lifestyle changes that boost the long-term emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of all family members.

To celebrate, the experts at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som have shared their top ten activities designed to support family reconnection and to help establish healthier habits that last a lifetime. Enjoy these together with the family at home, or from the serene surroundings of Zulal Discovery, a dedicated family resort.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Kickstart your wellness journey by making simple changes like swapping soda for water or trying the “rainbow challenge” to incorporate a colourful array of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Zulal’s signature wellness cuisine experience allows families to cook together with professional chefs, turning meal preparation into a fun, educational activity.

Stay Active Outdoors

Zulal Wellness Resort offers numerous outdoor activities for the family. Enjoy a family bike ride, explore local wildlife parks, or participate in our guided beach clean-ups. Even on rainy days, families can stay active indoors with yoga or dance-based video games, available in the resort’s dedicated wellness spaces.

Volunteer Together

Join community service initiatives organised by the resort, such as local playground clean-ups or tree planting activities. They not only strengthen family ties and help the environment but also strengthen community engagement and sense of purpose.

Family Game Night

Plan a game night, like at Zulal Discovery, where families can unwind with board games, card games, or interactive games like charades to foster teamwork and strategic thinking.

Grow a Garden

Engage in gardening activities. Together you can grow plants and participate in sustainable gardening practices. It’s a wonderful way for kids to learn about nature and the responsibility of caring for living beings.

Go Unplugged

Embrace digital detox by disconnecting from electronic devices. We encourage families to participate in “phone-free Fridays” and other unplugged activities, making room for in-person interactions and new discoveries within the resort.

Create a Memory Book

Collect memories by creating a memory book filled with photos and mementos from your activities. It’s a perfect way to reflect on your experiences and the growth you’ve shared as a family.

Sleep Well

Prioritise healthy sleeping habits together as a family. Zulal Discovery offers workshops on developing positive bedtime routines and the importance of a technology-free bedroom, ensuring everyone gets the rest they need, an essential component in longevity.

Connect with Extended Family

Organise reunions with extended family in-person or over video or consider participating in a multi-generational escape with retreats designed to for all members of the family at Zulal Wellness Resort.

Take Care of Yourself

Set personal wellness goals this Family Wellness Month. Be a more present family member by learning meditation, adopting healthier eating habits, or engaging in physical fitness. If each family member commits to self-care and personal development, together you’ll flourish.

This Family Wellness Month, explore an abundance of activities, retreats and experiences that are immersed in Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and are curated to promote wellness, strengthen bonds and take transformative step towards a healthier family life.