10 Reasons to Visit Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som

1.Something for everyone: Zulal Wellness Resort offers two distinct yet interconnecting experiences. Zulal Serenity is exclusively reserved for adult guests, with aesthetics and medical wellness services in addition to holistic therapies, while Zulal Discovery welcomes guests of all ages with a focus on family wellness and bonding through fun activities such as outdoor pursuits, arts, crafts, sports and games.

2.A unique blend of ancient and modern wellness wisdom: Zulal Wellness Resort is the first resort in the world to blend the ancient practices of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM) with modern therapies and health expertise. TAIM is a centuries-old holistic healing system that includes the use of medicinal herbs and therapies such as hijama cupping. Zulal’s revival of this knowledge, reinterpreted for the 21st century, is a pioneering approach to wellness.

3.World-class facilities: Zulal Wellness Resort features state-of-the-art facilities, including hydrotherapy pools, saunas, steam rooms, a Himalayan salt therapy room and even a snow cave to cool down in. The physiotherapy facilities include Neurac and Gyrotonic equipment – the only ones in the entire Middle East region!

4.Beat the heat: Zulal’s coastal location on the northern tip of Qatar means that guests can enjoy temperatures three to four degrees cooler than in Doha, making it the perfect place escape to and cool down and relax in the summer months.

5.Comprehensive wellness programmes: The resort offers a range of wellness programmes, including detox, weight and stress management, tailored to meet your individual needs. Our 64 treatment rooms are sanctuaries within themselves, each dedicated to creating an overall sense of relaxation.

6.Healthy, organic cuisine: The resort’s five restaurants serve healthy, organic cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, to nourish the body and promote sustainable wellness. All food is gluten and dairy-free, so you don’t have to worry about allergies and intolerances.


7.Dedicated children’s programme: Zulal Wellness Resort offers a dedicated children’s program, providing a fun and educational experience for young guests designed for families to jointly explore the joys of healthy living. Our dedicated family wellness advisor is also on hand to give the whole family a health consultation.

8.Sustainable practices: The resort is committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices and using renewable resources wherever possible. And you can get involved too! Thanks to Zulal’s Mangrove Initiative, you can plant a mangrove and give something back to the environment.

9.Complete care: At Zulal, you can find all you need in one place – spa treatments, physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, fitness, aesthetic beauty therapies, recreational activities, wellness talks and workshops – but also an on-site medical team that is always ready for emergencies and medical follow ups, giving you total peace of mind.

10.Edutainment: Throughout the resort you’ll find the perfect mix of education and entertainment for guests of all ages. Book lovers can choose between 1,500 books on loan from Qatar National Library, while outdoor aficionados can go on an island walk to learn about the local marine habitat and the Mangrove Initiative benefiting it.