In-Residence from 17th November – 31st December 2021

A keen student of psychology and meditation, Tim has travelled extensively throughout Africa, Asia and South America over the past decade, learning a variety of ancient healing techniques, combining them with more modern teachings. He has spent the last four years working with top resorts around the world, sharing his knowledge and healing powers to help his clients overcome traumas and blockages, and empowering them to take better control of their lives to achieve the growth they desire. A session with Tim will help you to learn more about your own abilities to manifest change in your life, to become stronger and happier.

Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy

Emotional Release Therapy – 90 Mins
Equally effective for healing difficulties in current relationships and wounds from past ones, Tim will talk you through some simple yet profound mental exercises to allow you to release whatever emotional pain may be weighing you down, and to bring you the peace of mind you deserve in life. Most common benefits include ‘Lightness’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Release’, which naturally improves all areas of life.

Reiki – 60 mins
This ancient Japanese technique uses the body’s natural energies to balance and restore. A passive, relaxing, hands-off treatment that works on the subtlest levels, Reiki offers a range of benefits covering the whole spectrum; from feeling physically healthier through to mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Sleep Therapy – 90 mins
In today’s world good quality sleep is a challenge for many people. Using clinical hypnotherapy alongside some teachable techniques, Tim will help you to re-program your subconscious mind to help you sleep much better. Even the most challenging of sleep problems are usually resolved in a single session.

Soul Regression/Past Life Regression – 90-120 mins
Experience a journey back through your subconscious memories to a time where your soul existed in between lives, and then even further back to a life as another being. PLR offers both therapeutic release and important lessons to serve you in this life, and can be a fascinating and life-changing journey through time and space.

Hypnotherapy Session, Tailored to Your Needs – 120 mins
Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective way to overcome most of life’s challenges; including stress, phobias, smoking-cessation, and weight-loss.