Welcome to the gentle shores of the Arabian Gulf, where we invite you to embrace lifestyle change and discover a meaningful connection with yourselves, your friends, families, and the surrounding nature, which is core to the transformative experience we hope you will enjoy while staying here with us. With a vast area, dedicated to the celebration of our potential for physical, mental, and emotional health, Zulal Wellness Resort is a pioneering wellness destination in the Middle East and the first to fully embrace the philosophy of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine.


At Zulal, we guide you on your wellness journey from beginning to end, inspiring your lifestyle change with personal consultations and a therapy programme tailored for you that includes spa, physiotherapy and holistic treatments as well as group activities and specialist nutrition. Our unique approach takes into account the physical, mental and emotional aspects of you and your family.


Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine follow a holistic path to wellness that embodies traditional healing practices and herbal remedies with lifestyle guidance in nutrition, movement, and rest. We are unique in bringing this beautiful ancient philosophy into a contemporary context and we are proud to educate guests in the healing modalities of our region.


We believe personal wellness goes hand-in-hand with environmental wellness. A sustainable business approach enriched with ethical business practices, value natural order, and organised development is significant for our operations.
We have created a resort destination considering energy and water efficiency minimising our environmental impact, environmental and social wellbeing, and promoting sustainability to accomplish a fruitful and lasting wellness journey for our guests.
We are welcoming you to a voyage that will heal your mind, body, and spirit, rejuvenating you with the essence of nature while offering you a responsible stay and minimised carbon footprint.